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Smart Money Education

Learn how to Save, Spend, Share with Directions Smart Money Education!

Smart Money Education

Age appropriate financial learning videos.

Welcome to Smart Money Education by Directions Credit Union. Here you will find helpful activities and book readings designed to help you level up your understanding of money and finances. Each activity has been assigned an age group to help you choose the appropriate activity.


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Activity: Muffin Tin Coin Counting

Description: A great activity involving different types of coins to teach children how to count money and the different ways to make the same amount.

Age Group: Preschool – 3rd Grade


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Activity: Making a Piggy Bank                      

Description: A fun activity that shows kids how to make a piggy bank to put their money.

Age Group: 1st – 5th grade


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Activity: Grocery Store   

Description: A fun way to teach kids about wants, needs, and budgeting through playing grocery story.

Age Group: 2nd - 4th Grade

People Helping People

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Directions gives back to the community through financial literacy education, in-kind donations, scholarship support and more.

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Activity: Money Hunt

Description: A fun activity that teaches kids about the name of the coins and how much they are worth

Age Group: 3rd & 4th Grade


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Activity: Money Toss       

Description: A fun activity that teaches kids the coins name and how much they are worth by tossing coin into a cup.

Age Group: 2nd - 4th Grade