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Smart Money Education

Learn how to Save, Spend, Share with Directions Smart Money Education!

Smart Money Education

Age appropriate financial learning videos.

Welcome to Smart Money Education by Directions Credit Union. Here you will find helpful activities and book readings designed to help you level up your understanding of money and finances. Each activity has been assigned an age group to help you choose the appropriate activity.


Smart Money Activity Muffin Tin Counting -Erin Hagedorn

Activity: Muffin Tin Coin Counting

Description: A great activity involving different types of coins to teach your child how to count money and the different ways to make the same amount.

Age Group: Preschool – 3rd Grade

Smart Money Activity  Money Hunt-Tina Wilson

Activity: Money Hunt

Description: A fun activity that teaches kids about the name of the coins and how much they are worth

Age Group: 3rd & 4th Grade


Smart Money Activity -Piggy  Bank-Tina Wilson

Activity: Making a Piggy Bank                      

Description: A fun activity that shows kids how to make a piggy bank to put their money.

Age Group: 1st – 5th grade


Smart Money Activity  Money Toss - Tina Wilson

Activity: Money Toss       

Description: A fun activity that teaches kids the coins name and how much they are worth by tossing coin into a cup.

Age Group: 2nd - 4th Grade



Smart Money Activity - Grocery Store -Tina Wilson

Activity: Grocery Store   

Description: A fun way to teach kids about wants, needs, and budgeting through playing grocery story.

Age Group: 2nd - 4th Grade

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Book Readings

Smart Money Book Reading -Pigs Will Be Pigs -Tina Wilson

Book: Pigs will be Pigs

Author: Amy Axeirod Illustrated by: Sharon McGinley‐Nally

Description: Listen to the book about a pig family and how to hunt for money around their house. Learn
to budget and spend money wisely

The worksheet that goes with this book is (there are 3) Castle Café, Pigs will be Pigs budget and the tax paper.

Age Group: 3rd & 4th Grade


Smart Money Book Reading Alexander Who Used to Be Rich- Erin Hagedorn

Book: Alexander, Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday

Author: Judith Viorst Illustrated By: Ray Cruz

Description: i.e. Listen to the story of Alexander and help me count how much money he loses along the way!

Age Group: Preschool – 3rd Grade


Smart Money Book Reading A Dollar for Penny - Erin Hagedorn

Book: A Dollar for Penny

Author: Dr. Julie Glass Illustrated by: Joy Allen

Description: Penny has a lemonade stand! Let’s listen along and count together to find how much money she earns! What do you think she’ll do with her money at the end?

Age Group: Preschool – 2nd grade


Curious George Saves His Pennies

Book: Curious George Saves His Pennies                               

Author: Margret & H.A.Rey's                                                     

Description:  Listen to the book about saving, spending and the different ways George earns his money

Age Group: Pre-K – 4th graders           


Smart Money Book Reading Pete the Popcorn Kristie Amos

Book: Pete The Popcorn                       

Author: Nick Rokicki and Joseph Kelley     

Illustrated by:  Ronaldo Florendo                      

Description: Pete and Patty are back in this 5th installment of the Pete the Popcorn series! This time, Patty's grandfather joins the fun to teach the friends all about saving your money. This book is a partnership with Directions Credit Union in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. In the story, Pete the Popcorn urges Patty to store her birthday money in a piggy bank. Laughs are shared while the duo peruse their options at Pablo Popcorn's Peso Plaza. Once the piggy bank is overflowing, Paw Paw Popcorn steps in to teach the friends about banking.

Age Group: 2nd and 3rd graders   


Smart Money Book Reding - Just Saving My Money - Tina Wilson

Book: Just Saving My Money                       

Author: Mercer Mayer                 

Description: Listen to the book about saving, spending and earning.

Age Group: Pre-K – 3rd graders       



Smart Money Book Reading -Rock Brock and the Saving Shock -Tina Wilson

Book:Rock, Brock, and the Savings Shock                  

Author: Sheila Bair Illustrated by: Barry Gott

Description: Listen to a book about twins very different and a plan that their grandpa creates to show how fast money can grow if you save.            

Age Group: 3rd & 4th Grade  


Smart Money Book Reading -You Cant Buy a Dinosaur with a Dime -Tina Wilson

Book: You Can't Buy A Dinosaur with A Dime                        

Author: Harriet Ziefert   

Illustrated by:  Amanda Haley                  

Description: Listen to the book about a little boy who loves dinosaurs and works to get money to buy some. Teaches about adding and subtracting coins.

Age Group: Kindergarten & 4th Grade